What I'm Teaching Today

 "He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?" Micah 6:8



This is going to be a little series where I just let you know what I have planned to teach today.  My goal is to give you ideas and inspiration to teach your best at home.  I am not going to add links to any paid products here.  If you want links to any of the products here, message me down below.  If it is something people are interested in, I'll start adding them in future posts. 

Let's get started.  

I homeschool my 2 children. My daughter is learning at a grade 2/3 level, my son is learning at a grade 4/5 level.  Both are stronger in math than writing.  

The first thing I do every morning is put out their morning work.  Both my kids write out the date, their spelling words for the week and do a short math problem that is part of the morning work. My son's spelling words are based on things we are learning in other subjects.  This week they are: citation, source, label, proper, reference. With my daughter we are focusing on 'oi' words, such as; boy, noise, annoy, avoid, and coin. I made and printed off this puzzle for her to practice her spelling words with and focus on the letter combinations that made the 'oi' sound. Why is the seal orange, I don't have an answer, but it is supposed to remind her of the 'oi' sound that a seal makes. 


Next, we do math.  With my daughter we are learning the beginnings of division and fractions with a cool lesson on equal sharing. There is a lot of cutting and divvying up of things like toys and food. 

My son is doing long-division word problems and learning how to do them independently without asking for confirmation after each step, (homeschool problem).  
Then, after doing their scales on the piano, and practicing their song, they had lunch and some free-time. 


After our break, we did some reading response.  My son is reading 'The Jungle Book' and I found a good question package online that we use as we are reading.  It covers ideas like what makes a good protagonist as well as looking at some of the harder vocabulary in the book.  He can work on that independently while I read one-on-one with my daughter.  

I do what is called a 'running record' with my daughter once a week.  I read with her and keep a track of the book and author, how many words she read and how many mistakes she made. I can throw all the data into a online calculator and get empirical verification on what her reading level is. I like non-bias tools like this because it is irrefutable evidence of her learning, if ever something like that was required.  It is a free resource, so help yourself to a copy. 

After our reading and writing time we typically study French, today was no different.  I use an app called Mango Languages and we learn together, since I am by no means fluent in the language.  We go through slides together learning new words and phrases everyday.  Today we learned how to talk about family in photographs. "C'est qui sur cette photo?"   
We started a new project today for science.  We have been studying the states of matter and the kids will be drawing a comic strip where the super heroes and villains have powers to change state.  It should be fun to see what they come up with.

We end each day reviewing what we did that day and saying our memory verses.  We learn a new verse each month of the school year and recite all the verses we have learned so far that year everyday. That was I know no matter what, they will always have those verses.  After a few years of memorizing, they know quite a few.