What This Blog is All About

This is what it is all about...

Recently, a lot of friends and family have been asking me to homeschool their kids. No one wants to deal with this COVID-19 mess and I am a certified teacher, so it makes sense.  Unfortunately, I can't. Legally, logistically, is just doesn't work. But what I can do, and how I can help them and you, is give you everything you need to homeschool your children, all by yourself.  




Let me tell you a bit about myself.  First of all, I am a Christian. That comes out in everything I teach and do.  I believe "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding." Proverbs 9:10 and that learning about God first, and continuously, will further the learning of everything else.


Click here to get your free memory verses for the school year. (Coloring pages and end-of-year test included.)
Secondly, I am a homeschooling mom. I have two children that I enjoy teaching very much. We do lots of hands-on and project based activities. I integrate a lot of art and music into most everything they learn. I feel that I am giving them the best education possible and I am thankful to God for allowing me that privilege.  


Thirdly, I am a certified teacher.  I have taught every grade from one through eight. I have taught special education classes many times and I have taught exclusively in 'high needs' areas of the inner city. I enjoyed teaching in the classroom very much and look forward to going back if the Lord wills. 

Finally, I am a math and science kind of girl.  I have a bachelors degree in biology and so math and science have always been my strengths. Conversely, language has always been my struggle.  I have learned tips and techniques to help me overcome and I have been able to pass that on to my students who happen to have similar struggles. This also goes as a warning for my readers to be patient with me when it comes to my writing.  😏

Now you know about me, so how can I help you?

My goal with this blog is to connect you with quality resources and teaching techniques that are straightforward and effective.  I want to help anyone who wants to teach their children, have the confidence to do just that.  All my experience and education has taught me that parents have the ability, no matter their education level, to teach their children better than a school system, if they have the determination to do that. The evidence can back me up on that too.  

It isn't rocket science, (unless that is what you are teaching,). You can do it. I will help. 


Click here for your free and fully editable homeschool schedule. To get you started on your journey.