Plan a Pizza Party Project Based Learning Homeschool Curriculum Financial Literacy

Plan a Pizza Party (Canadian Version)

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Plan a Pizza Party is Canadian financial literacy and project based learning for grades 2-3. Covers a variety of curriculum standards such as, skip counting, place value, adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers, beginning decimals, word problems and more. Works well as an independent learning packet. About a week of work.


Get the most out of every learner! (Made with tactile and visual learners in mind.)



  • Anchor charts for bills and coins
  • Repeated addition review specific to money
  • Adding money example and questions
  • Clear outline and expectations
  • Lots of choice in items to 'buy'
  • Completed example
  • Real student examples
  • Template to showcase work
  • Space to be creative and draw their planned party in action
  • Rubric