Grade 1 Measurement Activities (US Version)

Grade 1 Measurement Activities (US Version)

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Great for grade 1 math centers or distance learning take-home package.

Cut and paste unit cubes, cut-out and order based on height and draw. 10 hands-on measurement activities that are designed with early readers in mind.


This is an easy way to set up 3 measuring math centers that students can navigate independently. Just add scissors, glue and pencils, (or crayons) and you are done!



  • word map for math vocabulary
  • a list of 'need-to-know' sight words
  • visual clues to help emerging readers decode questions independently
  • explicit instructions on how to measure
  • example problems with solutions to model best practices
  • best practices checklist
  • 10 activities total
  • 4 ordering questions, (tallest to shortest, etc) - plus modeled question
  • 3 'how many units' questions- plus modeled question
  • 3 drawing measurement questions - plus modeled question
  • an extension question that connects 'units' to inches
  • all answers to the questions.