Grade 1 Operations and Algebraic Thinking

Grade 1 Word Problems for Operations and Algebraic Thinking

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Grade 1 word problems teaching the foundations of word problems while covering the entire operations and algebraic thinking stream.

Designed with early readers in mind.

Great for end of year review for Grade 1 or refresher for Grade 2.



  • 25 word problems, (covering addition and subtraction within 10, 20, regrouping and no regrouping, repeated addition, subtraction)
  • best practices checklist
  • a list of 'need-to-know' sight words
  • word map (especially designed to help early readers)
  • visual clues to help young reader decode
  • 10 and 20 frames to allow students show mathematic thinking
  • example problem
  • clear solutions
  • marking guides


Questions range from 1-step problems, adding or subtracting within 10 all the way to multi-step problems adding and subtracting within 20.